Practice the concept of two mountains and jointly build a beautiful home


2023-08-31 15:48

In order to effectively consolidate the joint efforts of grassroots development and continue to deepen the village enterprise co construction model of "Party building leadership, development collaboration, win-win cooperation, and joint activities", the Changniu Machinery Party Branch and the Nanguan Village Committee Party Branch of Benniu Town took the convening of the "National Ecological Environment Protection Conference" and the first "National Ecological Day" event as opportunities.



All party members who participated in the event came to Anjiyu Village, Zhejiang Province, with admiration, where the concept of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains" originated. In the golden autumn of August, Yu Village is surrounded by lush mountains and blue waters, along the Liangshan Avenue. On one side, there are green mountains and waters, while on the other side, there is the style of the new countryside. On the high stone tablet standing at the entrance of the village, there are 10 eye-catching red words, "Green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains," which record the story of the birth of the Two Mountains Theory. Relying on a good natural environment, Yucun practices the concept of "two mountains", develops high-quality green rural revitalization construction, and achieves coordinated economic and ecological development. The achievements and experiences have broadened the horizons of all party members, transformed their concepts, innovated their thinking, and gained ideas.



Upon the return of Yucun, there are countless emotions and even more responsibilities and missions. Looking back on the past, over the past five years, with the support, guidance, and assistance of the Nanguan Village Committee, Changniu Machinery has actively self pressurized and honed itself, continuously self checked and corrected environmental regulations and rectification requirements, and continuously invested more than 10 million yuan in improving and improving environmental protection work. From optimizing, improving, and strictly implementing environmental management systems and other software, to improving, improving, and adding environmental protection facilities and other hardware, the overall environment of the company and the working environment of employees have been greatly improved, completely changing the phenomenon of dirt, disorder, and poor, and gradually stepping into a virtuous cycle of environmental protection work. Working side by side with the Nanguan Village Committee, we have contributed to the construction of regional ecological civilization and demonstrated our social responsibility. Looking forward to the future, Changniu Machinery still needs to self pressurize and forge ahead layer by layer, vigorously create and practice the "two mountains" concept, maintain and continuously improve environmental protection work, and guided by the new development concept, gradually achieve a high-quality development path towards coordinated development of ecological civilization and economic construction.



The stone from other mountains can be used to attack jade, and the concept of "two mountains" is deeply rooted in the heart. Changniu Machinery and the Nanguan Village Committee of Benniu Town will take party building as the guide, deepen joint construction, and focus on the living environment. With the awareness of building a home together and the enthusiasm for work and entrepreneurship, we will promote the construction of a harmonious and beautiful countryside, and help the regional living environment to reach a new level.


Author:Xiao Xinhai