Company Profile

Changzhou Changniu Machinery Co., Ltd is located in Benniu, Wujin district, Changzhou, Jiangsu province. As our company is 6 km away from the exit of freeway and 5 km from airport, it enjoys a convenient transportation advantage. The total area of our company is about 90,000m2 with a building area of about 50,000 m2. There are approximately 400 employees here.

Technology and Equipment

The advanced casting technique is adopted in production process and CAD, CAM and CAE are widely applied on engineering design and casting pattern so as to ensure the precision of dimensions and the quality of our products.

Since the foundation, our company is continuously introducing advanced technology and casting equipment from all over the world, improving the inspection method and creating a harmonious operation environment. The total investment from 2011 to 2012 is over 86,000,000 RMB, including the introduced world-class casting technique and equipment from Japan and the US. The following are the typical 20 casting equipments owned by our factory:

Molding equipment: there are 3 automatic molding production lines as 2 AMF-III07R Horizontal Parting Flaskless Molding Lines (TOKYU Co.) and Resin Sand Coated Permanent Molding Line for Crankshaft. These three lines boast a capacity of 40,000 ton/year and can satisfy the need of producing high-standard and high-precision castings.

Melting equipment: our factory uses the electric furnace to melt iron and we boast two 5t-Coreless Induction Furnaces and one 4t-Channel Induction Furnace, which are used to melt iron for various kinds of ductile iron castings and high-strength grey iron castings.

Core-making equipment: different kinds of 12 Hot Core Machines, 1 Continual Core-baking Furnace, which can make various complex and quality sand cores.

Sand preparation equipment: the advanced sand preparation system which provides stable and quality sand for molding

Fettling equipment: equipped with Q384B Shot Blasting Machine and 15GN-6M caterpillar Shot Blasting Machine which can meet the different fettling requirements of different castings.

Paint coating equipment: equipped with 2 Casting Paint Coating Production Lines that can meet the high-quality requirements of castings

Inspection equipment: Spike Direct Reading Spectrometer (made in Germany), Rapid Thermal Analyzer, Metallurgical Microscope, a variety of Mechanical Properties Testing Equipments, Chemical Analyzer and a full set of Molding Sand Testing Equipments. All these equipments will provide timely, accurate and reliable details for the quality control of castings.

Main Products

Main Products: grey iron and ductile iron castings (iron grade HT200~HT300、QT400~QT700)

40,000-ton capacity for various quality cylinder blocks, cylinder heads and crankshafts (grey iron and ductile iron)

Quality and Certificate

Our factory attaches high importance to the establishment and improvement of quality management system, strict execution of process control and perfect rendering of service. We have passed the GB/T1900-2008idtISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 in 2011 and now are in trail run of TS16949:2009.


Company profile