The company carried out the 2022 "Advanced Team, company level pacesetter, Advanced production (work)" selection activities


2023-01-10 13:59

  In 2022, the company faced a complex internal and external environment, under the influence of many adverse factors, such as repeated epidemic, large fluctuations of raw materials, and severe decline in product demand. With full support from the head office, all cadres and employees of the company had firm confidence and emerged a group of advanced teams with good management and teamwork in production and operation activities, such as cost reduction and expenditure reduction and product upgrading. An advanced producer who is dedicated to his job and works first class. In order to promote advanced and play the leading role of advanced model demonstration, the company has organized the 2022 "Advanced Team, company level pacesetter, Advanced production (work) activities" since December 15, 2022. In accordance with the principle of fairness, justice and openness, the company set up a leading group of selection activities. After layers of selection and publicity, the casting molding (A) class and machining balance shaft class were selected as "advanced group"; Chen Baohui from casting branch and Shi Hongxing from machining branch are "company level pacesetters"; Yao Xiaoshun and other 19 workers for advanced production (work). Through the selection activities, call on all staff to learn advanced, further stimulate the positive spirit of staff, create a good atmosphere of "striving for excellence", for the company's work in 2023 to make new contributions to a new level.