Changben Company participated in the 13th China International Foundry Expo


2022-02-22 14:06

On March 31st and April 3rd, the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center kicked off. This exhibition ushered in the participation of domestic and foreign foundry industry organizations, scientific research institutions and manufacturers. After more than 13 years of development and growth, the exhibition has become a "world-class foundry fair, the world's largest casting exhibition." This exhibition is an exhibition of achievements in the foundry industry with trans-age significance. The world is attracting the exhibition of new equipment, new products and new technologies. It is also the flagship exhibition that leads the development direction of the foundry industry and promotes the globalization cooperation of the foundry industry. . Quality, efficiency and green are the highlights of this exhibition. This is also the stage where Changben Company is connected with international  casting.

Changben Company has carefully prepared castings that can highlight the company's casting strength to participate in the exhibition, especially different types of ductile iron castings and gray iron castings. The company also specially printed brochures and hanging axes, and introduced the company's new equipment, new products and new technologies in detail to expand the company's popularity. During the exhibition, the company booth attracted many experts, buyers and foreign traders in the same industry. The company's technical staff received the visitors and sought cooperation opportunities. Changben Company also organized the company's internal squad leader and workshop director to participate in the exhibition, to learn about new technologies and equipment at home and abroad, to learn the advantages of others while discovering their own shortcomings